"Cave & Ellis were inspired choices for the soundtrack, which is light, unobtrusive, yet always there and quietly, darkly contributive. Sometimes fragile and beautiful, it culminates in a full-blown song; classically Cave"
Australian Stage

"With music, composed by Mr. Nick Cave and Mr. Warren Ellis that sets the tone brilliantly and a set, built over two levels, designed by Mr. Borkur Jonsson, we are transported into another reality that is both horrifying and at times funny"
Same Same, Australia

"In a wordless opening that sets the tone for a striking marriage of cinematic atmosphere and theatrical artifice, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis' delicate score accompanies the precisely choreographed morning rituals of the Samsa family... And Mr Cave's lugubrious vocals offer an appropriate note of melancholy beauty to grace the sinister-sweet closing family tableau, as memories are erased and dark winter gives way to cleansing spring."
New York Times, USA

"The opening half hour of the production is washed and coloured by a musical score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, sound design by Nick Manning, that is at once dreamy and poignant and lures in the viewer with a subliminal sense of well being. The presence of sound and the idea of the unbearable quality of Gregor's utterances then gradually becomes more and more disturbing. Cave's final gentle threnody is beautiful"
Stage Noise, Australia

"As the story works its way to its inevitable, tragic conclusion, the audience is also aware of a solemn, minimalist soundtrack provided by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis of the Bad Seeds. When Cave's famous baritone emerges in the twistedly euphoric final scene, it marks the climax of a truly special night of theatre"
Time Out, Hong Kong


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