The English Surgeon


"A soundtrack by Nick Cave bolsters the scenes that carry great emotional weight"
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

"Further enriching the emotional impact of The English Surgeon is the film’s understated achingly mournful score, composed and performed by iconic Australian pop poet Nick Cave and his long time collaborator Warren Ellis"
Metro News, Canada

"It's all simply and beautifully shot, stitched together with understatement and class (nothing tacky like narration), and there's a haunting score by Nick Cave"
The Guardian

"With a score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, and photography better than your average matinee movie, this film is made of sublime stuff"
Belfast Film Festival

"I remember specifically being impressed by the film’s score, only to be surprised by a Nick Cave credit. He, and Warren Ellis are responsible for a touching yet subtle accompaniment that compliments the drama without pandering to the audience or over-sentimentality. The English Surgeon is just one of those films were every single element successfully comes together to create a touching, inspiring and truly dramatic piece of non-fiction filmmaking"
The Documentary Blog

"Nick Cave and Warren Ellis' original music-which evokes both hope and despair-accompanies this portrait of a man who has God-like surgical powers, yet must struggle against his own humanity"

"Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have written a marvellous, empathetic score and the film is neatly, tastefully edited"
Urban Cinefile

"Match that with the amazing musical score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis and it's very difficult not to become emotional from this extraordinary man and the unfortunately predicament of others"
Impulse Gamer


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