The Road - Original Film Score


 'Another eerie, elegiac score from the Bad Seeds duo'
Mojo (****)

'Cave and Ellis conjure cinematic black magic' 

'Devastatingly tender beauty and underplayed lyricism that sit alongside its more melevolent and dramatic moments' 
Time Out (****)

'Deceptively simple and stripped-down instrumental compositions for violin and piano conjure up vistas in the space between the instruments that are equally as stunning and moving as the celluloid scenes they are written to enhance' 
Drowned In Sound

'It could have been bleak, monochromatic even - but in the hands of Cave and Ellis, hope springs eternal' 
BBC Music


'A lesson in atmospherics even if you never watch the film' 
Independent on Sunday

'Plaintive piano and violin combine to evoke the desolate tenderness of the central father-son relationship, while occasional bursts of industrial, percussion-driven noise point to the unfolding terror' 

'Gorgeous and affecting night music' 
Time Out (****)



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