White Lunar


'Beautiful 2-CD comp of the duo's best instrumental work. Mixing parched, hazy highlights from The Proposition and The Assassination of Jesse James..., with treats from forthcoming scores and archive material, the two CDs move forward with an eerie dread and romantic wonder.'
MOJO (*****)


'A poetic, moving and gracefully performed collection.'


'Genuinely evocative film scores. A dizzying and atmospheric ride that more than stands up without visual accompaniment'
Classic Rock


'Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have created something truely mesmerising. Cinematic scores and poignant atmospherics, fluttering pianos accompany flute-led instrumental tracks like 'Moving On' as they slowly unfold into an enervating collection. Lovingly adorned, plaintive instrumentation of the highest quality'
Rocksound 8/10





'Subdued, unobtrusive yet sinister piano ripple and the occasional unsettling rumble, gilding them with rare, understated vocals.'
Uncut (****)


'Parched prairies and blasted post-apocalyptic landscapes are mirrored by manfully romantic orchestrations.'


'Sparse atmospheric work based largely on piano and violin, augmented with the occasional muttered vocal, evocative of the wild and timeless landscapes of the films concerned.'
Big Cheese


'The first disc transforms Gothic western and outback backdrops into something far more expansive. Disc two centres on the duo's scores for a wildly varied range of documentaries, with tracks such as the highly strung Rat's Tooth Forceps and the eerie Srey Leak. An elegiac vein runs right through these instrumentals; these grizzled dudes craft soundtracks with an elegant, imaginative touch'


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