"The music is certainly a highlight of the production, as Nick Cave’s trademark blend of exquisite lyricism and gothic glam works perfectly with the various scenes and characters of Buchner’s text"
The Age, Australia

"This production interwines originallly composed songs by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis into the fragmentary framework of the text. The songs hold the production together, creating a wonderfully sinister atmosphere"
Australian Stage Online

"Gardarsson’s adaption chimes with the standard scholarship, but steps boldly into a contemporary vernacular that is picked up by the heightened emotions of Cave’s ballads, endowing the play with a driven energy.
The music is much more deeply integrated into the performance than I expected: this is almost an opera, with scenes scored through with brooding electric violins, throbbing guitar solos and menacing percussion"
The Australian, Australia

"Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ score is reproduced live with an intensity that is worth witnessing for itself"
Sunday Age, Australia

"The music is the star of this performance and the songs could not have come from anywhere except Cave’s piano and Ellis’ violin"
Sunday Herald Sun, Australia

"The best part of Michael Kantor’s production is that the music is completely integrated into the play.
...the lyrics sound utterly natural in the mouths of the characters"
Herald Sun Extra, Australia

"The original songs composed by Warren Ellis and Nick Cave give speech to these deviant souls and illuminate the interior of Woyzeck’s mind, providing cohesion to the plays nightmarish narrative"
Neos Kosmos English Edition

"A heart-stopping original score by Australia’s own Nick Cave & Warren Ellis"
Melbourne Official Visitor’s Guide

"The pair tackle the much-maligned rock opera masterfully. Their songs, while seemingly inextricable from the narrative, would work just as well out of context. With military drums, manic vilins and gutter poetry, ‘The Drum Major’s Song’ is the best track Grinderman never recorded, while ‘Duett’, which details a fateful tryst between the Drum Major and the flirtatious Marie, is cave at his tender-loving best"
Mess & Noise

"The gothic blues of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis provide a perfectly disharmonious soundtrack"

"Nick Cave as a lyricist is a no-brainer. It’s hard to think of a contemporary rock musician who’s work would be more appropriate to this play’s tragic glamour. The high romanticism of Cave’s driving murder ballads sit brilliantly in the text, vamping up its heightened vernacular. Here music works as the theatres blood, pumping oxygen through each scene and driving the staged rhythms"
Theatre Notes, Australia


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